No not like the John Deere type or like our little huskie (the husqvarna riding lawn mower we like to call a tractor) but like quail tractors! Ok we know they are just two rabbit cages but our quail are very happy to be in them and we are so happy to have them out of the house!

In the next couple of days we plan to actually build them a tractor out of our old chicken run.

We had to remodel the chicken run because the goats kept jumping on it.

This is the old run the goats and sheep wrecked but with some new material it’s going to make a great quail tractor!

And this is the new chicken run on the back of the chicken coop so the chicks have some extra space when they are inside. We let them out most of the time but give them some time inside when Buttermilk starts to get to pesky and picks on them!

And some happy quail!


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