Tough decisions

It is with great sadness that I am removing the French Angora page on our site. After many attempts to remedy my allergies including lots of Benadryl and even respirator masks I just couldn’t pluck a rabbit without spending the rest of the night knocked out on Benadryl. I wasn’t able to give the angoras the attention they deserved so I decided to give them back to the breeder I got them from originally. We were happy to help her out with her business and have appreciated her mentorship over the past year and a half with the angoras. Thank you Alexandria from Elemental Ranch for all your help and support!

On a happier note our Muscovy ducks the stars of our Duck Dynasty are about to have a little clutch of babies!!

She is up to 14! And if you look closely she has started collecting feathers and twigs to line her nest. Muscovy ducks will start sitting on their eggs once they collect 12-18 so she’s right in that window! I can’t wait!!!

Our quail are almost at full production! We have been getting 12 eggs a day from our 13 hens.

We haven’t had any problem with too many eggs thanks to this recent article in the Fresno Bee.
We can’t get enough duck and quail eggs to the local farm store where we sell before they are sold out.

And this weekends flower arrangement includes purple sage flowers, Icelandic poppies and bachelor buttons.


2 thoughts on “Tough decisions

  1. It’s such a joy to read your trials and tribulations of life on your farm.
    I can feel you love and enthusiasm ……..carry on and thanks for sharing …

  2. Sorry to hear about the angoras but it’s probably for the best. Very exciting news about the ducks. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

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