Time to clip wings!

Good morning! As we run out to an emergency work meeting squeezed in before a funeral this morning we are doing the rounds with watering and feeding all the animals. From the rabbit barn I hear some very loud squawks and figure the goats are playing. They run so fast around the corral and chase the ducks when they play. When I go to look all the animals in the pen are staring at the intruder. In the center stands a beautiful black and green Muscovy. One of our Muscovy ducks from the front yard flew over the 6 foot wrought iron fence to check out what’s going on in the corral. I guess we should have listened to Tanners requests to clip their wings. He’s been asking us for about a month to do it.

In a panic I run inside to get Scott but can’t stop giggling because it really was a funny sight. Scott tries to catch the duck and the thing takes flight. What a beautiful sight it was so smooth and graceful. It’s also the duck Tanner fell in love with on day 1 so I’m terrified it will land in the busy street we live on or in our backyard with our 4 bird dogs. But it decided to land in our neighbors yard. If you remember we’ve already had to chase a rabbit out of these people’s front yard. I’m sure they think we are nuts! Eventually we wrangle this duck who thankfully doesn’t have much flying endurance yet and are able to return it to its front yard home minus a couple flight feathers. The clipping was similar to a hair cut and it didn’t seem to bother the duck at all.

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