The year of preservation

Our goal this year is to really focus on preserving the things we grow and not letting anything go to waste. Not that we really let much go to waste it usually gets fed to the goats and chickens but in mid winter when I’m really craving something from the garden I would like to have a version of it in the pantry that came from our garden. Instead of store bought pesto in the middle of winter I want to be able to take some from our garden out of the freezer. Thanks to an awesome gift from my sister in law I’m learning to can things.

This is my new favorite book!

This weekend with a bunch of daikons starting to bolt I made do chua. A pickled daikon and carrot mixture.


I also pickled some of the duck eggs that were overflowing out of the fridge.

They look kind of silly in that big gallon jar lol next time I’ll need to do two dozen!

Unfortunately the book doesn’t have any recipes for rutabaga. Any suggestions what to do with these big boys?


Somehow during this weekend we baked bread and made soap! I sure wish there were more hours in the weekend!!!

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