The flu is flying through our house

Our poor dogs are dealing with some sort of stomach flu that they are passing from one another. It started with our oldest lab Ansel. It was so bad in him we actually thought it was the end which made for a very stressful couple of weeks. He slowly bounced out of it and is back to normal begging for food like always.


Then this past weekend Trapper stopped eating and we randomly found piles of throw up but not really sure who they belonged to since Ansel still wasn’t quite right. After a couple of days with no food Trapper bounced back and gobbled down his dinner earlier this week.


Unfortunately it wasn’t over yet. On Tuesday night the baby of the bunch Riley just seemed a little uneasy. Since he’s also our nervous baby it wasn’t that unusual of behavior but still just a little odd. In the morning he didn’t have much energy until his stomach decided to reject everything that was inside. All over our bedroom. Let’s just say those were 3 large piles of unpleasantry. Sorry for the details I actually left out many.


The only one who hasn’t seemed to be affected so far is our sweet little princess Karma. She does seem to be moving a little slower today so maybe she hides it better than the boys. She is one tough lady!


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