Quail updates!

We now have 42 quail! The 60 eggs that Pete incubated for us had the first hatch of 11 then ours hatched 26 and the next day Pete got 15 more! 10 of them didn’t make it as much as I tried to get them to eat and drink they just had no interest in it. Most of the ones we lost came from the batch of 60 which weren’t that healthy when they hatched. They were all supposed to be jumbo brown coturnix quail but 2 turned out to be Texas a&m quail which are all white like this little guy
They start out all yellow and when their flight feathers come in they become white. Speaking of flight feathers its amazing how fast they grow! The flight feathers are already coming in! One of them jump/flew out of the brooder the other day and again today when I was cleaning the brooder. I usually let the dogs hang out with me during this but I’m glad I didn’t this time! The other thing from the batch of 60 is that they weren’t all jumbos like they were supposed to be. 20130915-133243.jpg
I’m not sure if you can really see the difference in sizes in this picture but they are about half the size of the jumbos. I’m pretty disappointed with this breeder and won’t be leaving very good feedback for them.
But we did get Goldie out of that clutch and that might have made it all worth it! Isn’t she so cute! She looks like she has a pretty little yellow mask on her eyes. And she is the loudest singer of them all (I’m not really sure if this is a good thing especially since she will stay in Tanner’s room as his newest pet) but she sure is cute! Well we’re not really sure if she’s a she but we can hope 🙂

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