Quail Eggs Galore!

So the plan was to get 50 eggs and hatch them. Note to self don’t try to reactivate eBay and PayPal accounts from your phone while trying to order something. I tried to order the 50 but after everything was reactivated it was sold. Then I had a choice between 50 and 100. But the 50 eggs seller was ripping us off with shipping and it would have been about the same price as the 100 so we decided to buy 100. Bought and paid for. Well the next morning I get an email confirmation for the 50 original eggs that still need to be paid for! Apparently they were sold to me! Now we have 165 (they pack extras in case of breakage) eggs and an incubator that only holds 120. Thanks to our new quail friend Pete who is willing to hatch the 50 for us but he has no room for them after they hatch so he’ll be giving them back to us.

We’ll find out in about 17 days how many baby birds we’ll have!

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