Our littlest daredevils!

Scott and Tanner stayed home sick today so when I got home and checked on everyone…. By everyone I mean EVERYONE. Ducks, chickens, quail, rabbits, goats, other ducks baby chicks tanner and Scott. Not necessarily in that order! Well once I get to the baby chicks I noticed there was some poop around the brooder box that the 2 week chicks are in. I asked Scott if anyone got out today and how the poop got out. We look at the Cornish Cross chickens. Those things aren’t going anywhere!! They can barely stand up for too long they definitely aren’t flying over the baby gate we have them contained in. So we look at the babies. And almost at that moment one of the Rhode Island Red hens is sitting on top of the waterer. We had noticed her there this weekend too. Well sure enough she started looking at the edge of the box. Before we knew it we were getting quite the show.



She did a great tight rope along the edge of the box.

Then her sister got jealous!


All the other chicks just looked up at them wondering how they did it. Our impressive little girls!

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