The quail went into lockdown on Friday night which means I take them out of their egg turner and lay them on the floor of the incubator. I increased their humidity and now I’m not allowed to open the incubator again until they hatch and dry off. No matter what! Lockdown! Lol! Well hopefully some of them hatch.


Let’s talk about what a creepy week we’ve had. It started Wednesday when the plum trees started getting torn down. Then Friday the smoke from the Rim Fire rolled in. Now there is a haze of smoke in the sky mixed in with the clouds just hovering over us. Yesterday evening the sun turned blood red. And this morning we woke up to hundreds of shot guns. Welcome September 1 the start of dove hunting season! I don’t think we’ll be working in the field until the shotguns stop. They are hunting in the fields right behind ours! What a strange week we’ve had.

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