My yoga challenge might be over but it doesn’t mean we need to stop!

Obviously Riley isn’t ready for it to end!

After a month of yoga with only one day missed due to illness I am feeling stronger and more motivated in my practice. When I make time to be a student it makes me a better instructor.

It was perfect timing, since the heat and smoke in the air has shut down most of our garden yoga classes this month, which has allowed me to focus on my practice.

I plan to keep it up, remembering to make time and space for my own yoga practice.

Hope everybody had an awesome July and can’t wait to hear what you have planned for August!

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  1. Amy Barnwell


    Hi Amanda!
    I don’t know a lot about Yoga but have enjoyed guided meditation to help with stress. Under the circumstances, regular yoga is something I want to incorporate in my daily life. Do you have any suggestions on a good instructor (digital video or dvd) for slowly developing my abilities and especially yoga of breadth for relaxation?
    Hope all is well with the family!


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