It is still hot!

I know my last post was about how hot it is but it is still really hot! We are in a severe heat warning right now. We’ve been in the triple digits since Thursday and most of them were 109 and 110s. Supposedly the weather says it will get to be 99 on Saturday and Sunday but I never believe that. It’s just a ploy to give people hope that there is an end in sight to this awful weather! Unfortunately, these high heats didn’t fair as well on the farm as our last heat wave. We lost two chickens one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Monday we gave the three remaining chickens frozen water bottles and then when we got home that evening we set up misters around the chicken coop. It’s perfect because all of the other animals lay around the coop during the day because it casts the most shade so everyone benefits from the misters. I think our ducks love it the most. They stand under them and preen themselves all day. Silly quackers!

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