In memory of

42 years ago an incredible woman was born. Her life touched many including some who never had the privilege of meeting her like myself. She brought my stepson into the world and helped my husband become the man he is. Today we celebrate her life with a day at the beach. We took a bouquet of flowers to the place where her ashes were spread.

Followed by lots of climbing on rocks and checking out tide pools.




Some tree climbing and some yoga in a tree nothing like a tree pose in a tree!

Thank you Jaimie for everything that your short life gave to this world.


3 thoughts on “In memory of

  1. Jaimie would be so proud of Scott’s continued journey and the farm experiment. She would also be proud of Tanner and his talents and his good spirit. I think she is also smiling on you Amanda, because you haven’t changed them, but come along side them on this journey. This was a lovely tribute to her.

    • Thank you Amanda. I miss her so much. I am so lucky that you are in Scott and Tanner’s life and yes she is looking down on all of you with a smile. She would be happy to see all of you together.

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