I miss my garden

This adventure in self sufficiency started on Valentine’s Day 2012. I had mentioned in conversations how I would like a garden in the corner of my front yard (since anything in the backyard belongs to the dogs). I came home from work on a rainy Valentine’s Day to this :

3 lovely planter boxes! I’m not sure Scott realized what he did when he built those for me.

We enjoyed many salads out of those boxes. Before we realized it the entire front yard was surrounded by containers of edibles. That spring we grew zucchini, corn, strawberries, beans, mint, basil, green onions, peas, tomatoes, beets and swiss chard and edible flowers.

Then we started looking for a house that would fit all of us. We each have two dogs so we needed something with land so the 4 dogs could run wild. We tried a couple different houses until we found the one of our dreams. A five bedroom house that was an assisted living home with almost an acre of undeveloped land around it. The front and back yards were completely fenced in and after the utility blue carpet and blue rubber base boards were removed and the bars were removed from the showers and bathrooms it began to feel like a home.

Six weeks before we moved into the house we planted the garden into the field. We were supposed to move into the house the next week but with a few difficult issues it took another six weeks. We both always held our breath when we pulled up to water out of fear that the garden would have been destroyed by the angry seller.

This garden fed us all through summer. We had tomatillos, broccoli (Yes we learned it should have been saved for the fall but it was still good!), onions, corn, swiss chard, eggplant, cucumbers, beans and one of the tastiest and juiciest cantaloupe we have ever had.

But now I feel a loss of my garden. The weather is turning cold and our nights have dipped occasionally below 32 which has killed off our summer vegetables and this is all I have left.

Our timing was off this fall we had too many other projects to focus on before we were able to dig furrows or build a hoophouse or move over my Valentine’s boxes. Which unfortunately has created a lull in our fresh vegetables. We have enjoyed two beautiful Daikon radishes and snipped greens off of the leaves of our root vegetables just to try and have something fresh. Soon enough our winter garden will be producing more than we will know what to do with but until then I am in a state of longing.

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