Hoop House!

When we first moved into this house 5 months ago we created a very large to do list.

  • Rent out our other two homes
  • Paint every single wall and the outside
  • Remove all safety bars throughout the house (This used to be an assisted living home, there were some very unique features)
  • Build a chicken coop (Get chickens)
  • Build a duck enclosure (Get ducks)
  • Build an animal corral (Get animals)
  • Plant a garden (We crossed this one off 6 weeks before we officially received keys to the house)
  • Create 27 raised flower beds
  • Create a gorgeous vegetable garden
  • Build a garage
  • Build a hoop house

Some of these things have been crossed off and some of them are half way crossed off. Many of them are just ideas in our head to one day be created.

It was a huge moment for us this weekend, similar to that of a barn raising, when we pulled the plastic over the hoop house!

I am proud to say we now have a hoop house!



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