Happy Friday!!!

Friday couldn’t have come sooner after our difficult start to the week. I left to work on Monday almost certain I was saying my last goodbye to our 12 year old lab Ansel. He wouldn’t get up and wouldn’t eat anything. Scott took him to the vet and they said everything looked fine gave him some meds and a couple days later he was back to normal!

Other than that rough start the week has been pretty good. We’ve collected 4 quail eggs from Goldie. The first one came on a day when I said to myself “Goldie must be a boy” because she wakes us up singing every morning. Scott even called her our little rooster that morning. So when tanner told us there was an egg I didn’t believe him (especially since this isn’t the first time he’s joked about eggs) but the boy who cried egg was telling the truth!

The other quail aren’t laying yet because they aren’t getting enough light in these shorter days. I’m adding a solar light to their cages which will hopefully help encourage them to lay.

Our ducks and chickens have continued to supply us with more eggs than we can eat! Hopefully they can keep it up through the winter. We aren’t adding any lights to their pens because it’s just to difficult with the way the corral is set up.

To celebrate Friday we decided to make homemade pizzas. It was a fun experiment with a really tasty outcome!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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