Happy Earth Day!

Ok I hate to sound totally cliche but everyday is Earth day with us. We try to recycle, reuse and reduce as much as we can. Every day we try to do our part to do what we can. Yes most of the time it feels so insignificant, I mean we are just one small family, but if everyone did just a little maybe it would make a big change.

It’s been a pretty chaotic week and I’ve been holding out on some really cute pics!



These adorable little girls are the newest edition to our home. 2 African geese 2 black Swedish ducks and 2 Cayuga ducks.

Our baby chicks finally are ready to go outside.

Unfortunately some sort of bug or something passed through them and we lost three in the past 4 days. I’m very hopeful that they are stable now they all look pretty good and seem healthy and eating well.


Right now they are in the chicken run separated from everyone else. We want the other chickens to get used to the babies before we put them all together. Right now none of the animals seem to mind them so hopefully when they are let loose with the rest of them the older hens will teach them the ropes without too much bullying.

The front yard ducks, the Muscovy ducks, are doing great! I feel like I’m on an Easter egg hunt every day because they keep trying to hide their nests. I noticed one duck wasn’t getting up much and when she finally moved she was sitting on 9 eggs!! The one duck that I am letting hatch a clutch this year is doing a great job keeping her eggs warm she only gets up a few times during the day when it’s warm to eat and drink.



She has 25 eggs under her! In a week or two they should be hatching!

I also set 120 quail eggs into the incubator yesterday! We are going to have babies everywhere!!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

    • Unfortunately we lost another one today and one looks like she’s on her way out. We quarantined her so hopefully the rest will be ok. This is just awful 🙁

  1. Sorry some of the chicks aren’t doing so well. Hope by now the worst has passed. Loved the pictures. Got to get out there one day and see the progress. It’s such an amazing thing you’ve done.

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