Fun with soap!

We have decided to enter the Great Cakes Soapworks Soap Challenge. It’s a monthly soap making challenge with a specific design technique to use each month. This month was the hanger swirl technique. So basically we used a wire hanger to swirl soap around (don’t worry mom the only wire hangers I have are for making soap!) Take a look at these beautiful soaps we came up with and I would love your input on which one should be entered in the challenge. We have to decide by the 18th so leave a comment soon please 🙂

Yin and yang soap colored with charcoal



Autumn Sunset colored with red and yellow Brazilian clay



3 thoughts on “Fun with soap!

  1. They are all so beautiful. The charcoal ones are so pretty. They look like you could touch them and they would be fuzzy. I like the lavender one just because I love the smell of lavender and the Autumn Sunset suits the color of our downstairs. The charcoal gets my vote as being visually appealing and unusual. Thank goodness for the wire hangers. I was worried there for a minute. Love you. Mom

  2. They are all unique and interesting to look at, soap art.i vote for lavender . It’s soft and inviting …excellent choices.

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