Fiber filled Friday!

I’m so excited we got our sheeps wool processed over the summer and just got it back last weekend.

Mango full coat :

Naked mango!

We took her wool to a fiber mill in Oakhurst and blended it with about 30% alpaca fiber. This is what the alpaca fiber looked like the week before we took it.

Thanks a lot Riley 15 chew toys aren’t enough for you???
Ok so are you ready for the finished product?? We waited 4 long months for this!!!

There’s about 2 large trash bag size bags of rovings that I can use for spinning into yarn. We’re also going to try felting a hat and slippers.
I also had her spin a pound of the fiber into DK weight yarn. She gave us the waste fiber which is the little bits that doesn’t make it into the final rovings and yarn. I’ve been working on the Beekeepers quilt so I’m going to use the waste fiber to stuff it!



One thought on “Fiber filled Friday!

  1. That is so awesome. I’d love to try spinning. I want to feel your yarn. That sounds wrong, but I love yarn and that textures. Is it soft or coarse?

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