Consider this my protest

I’ve been in a fog since November 9th. I’m still in a daze and keep hoping to wake up from this nightmare. 

Today it is official and I can no longer deny it. He is our president. I can refuse to say his name for the next four years, even if we’re playing cards, but I can no longer bury my head in the sand. 

Today I cry for my friends who they talk of deporting from the only country they’ve ever known. Today I cry for a registry. Today I cry for my reproductive rights to make my own choices regarding my body. Today I cry for my nation who allowed hate and fear to rule us. 

Today I stand together with millions of others who will fight against these atrocities to occur. We will hold on to our neighbors. We will love each other. We will teach our children to love everyone because of and not in spite of our differences. 

Today we will defeat hate with love. 

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