Chicks chicks and more chicks!

Well our chicken numbers just tripled over night. We started Tuesday with 6 baby chicks and ended it with 19! After a very sad series of events we took home 13 baby chicks.


7 of them are part of the original birds I received last week so they are all the same age as our original six. I also am sure that they are hens. No roosters thank goodness!

The other 6 are a little older and they are the meat industries freakish creations. They have been bred to devour food and put on meat as quickly as possible so they can become dinner on our tables quickly! It’s all about speed in the meat industry quick cheap food. Quality and taste no longer matter. Neither do animal rights or concerns and really neither do our health or well being but that’s a whole different post so I’ll get off my little soap box. Happy eating! 🙂

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