So on Monday these precious babies showed up in the mail!!!

There’s nothing cuter than the peeps of baby chicks!

They aren’t all ours. We ordered 28 birds 6 for us and the rest for 3 of our friends. Scott wasn’t sure if it would be that easy to be able to tell the difference between the chicks. I kept assuring him it would be so easy we would just categorize them by numbers. We had 11 Plymoth barred rocks which 6 are our babies. 5 black austrolorps 6 Rhode Island reds and 6 different types 1 of our friends ordered 7 different types of chicks! He’s got quite the menagerie of poultry lol. Well it turned out to be simple to separate all of them except the Plymoth barred rocks and the black austrolorps! I mean come on can you see a difference between these girls?


We put the 16 of them together and just stared at them. Finally we noticed that some had a bit of yellow on their head and some didn’t so we separated out the ones that didn’t have any yellow. There were 5 that had all black heads and 11 with yellow spots! The numbers add up! It’s not an exact science and who knows we might all end up with a couple different kinds of chickens but oh well we’ll love them still the same 🙂


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