July yoga challenge!

My yoga challenge might be over but it doesn’t mean we need to stop!

Obviously Riley isn’t ready for it to end!

After a month of yoga with only one day missed due to illness I am feeling stronger and more motivated in my practice. When I make time to be a student it makes me a better instructor.

It was perfect timing, since the heat and smoke in the air has shut down most of our garden yoga classes this month, which has allowed me to focus on my practice.

I plan to keep it up, remembering to make time and space for my own yoga practice.

Hope everybody had an awesome July and can’t wait to hear what you have planned for August!

Yoga challenge

Today is the fifteenth day of July and I have done yoga every day of the month except for one (I haven’t done it yet today either but I still have some hours left). I missed Friday because I was too sick to even get myself out of bed. So I’m not being too hard on myself about that day. I still think thirteen days in a row of Yoga is pretty dang good! And now I have the rest of the month to keep going!

How’s your challenge going?

Don’t just stop with one little set back keep moving forward!

Yoga challenge

Some of you already know that I practice yoga. I’ve practiced for twenty years and have taught for fourteen of them. Some of those years have had more hours practiced than others. Some of those years I was teaching ten classes a week, six days a week. Now I’ve scaled back to teaching only one or two days a week of outside, donation based yoga in our outside “studio.” Studio is being used VERY loosely here. Well after three and a half years of working a desk job my body is screaming for me to do more yoga. This July I am challenging myself to do yoga every day. I’m on day five because I just couldn’t wait to get started! My body has been feeling it and poses that used to be easy for me are definitely much more challenging. Everything feels heavier and I feel much weaker. But I’m hoping at the end of July this is something I can continue doing regularly.

I would love it if you joined me! Even if it’s not every day. Maybe it’s just a week. Or maybe it’s five minutes of meditation a day.

Today my yoga partner was pretty lazy!

He just laid in Savasana the whole time! Didn’t even do a single downward facing dog. Oh well I guess he was listening to his body!

Moonlit yoga!

Wow there is something magical about doing yoga under an (almost) full moon! We have continued to have yoga every Wednesday night at 630 through the heat of summer. But now the nights are starting earlier and getting chilly. The last few weeks we ended class in the dark but since the time change tonight was our first class that started in the dark. Actually it was dark an hour before class started. I kept thinking there is no way anyone is going to come out in the dark but sure enough they all showed up! Talk about hard core!

Thank you everyone for coming out and thank you to the moon for lighting our mats 🙂

Garden yoga and eggs!

What a great turn out for yoga! We had a full house ehhh garden for yoga last night. The wind was blowing and the birds were chirping. It was definitely something beautiful. There is yoga every Wednesday night at 630 please contact me for details!

Also after a long wait our spring chicks started laying their first eggs this week!

The larger egg is our older girls and the small ones are the spring chicks. They sure are cute little eggs. It takes them a couple weeks to get to their full size. I know the people that get eggs from us will be excited about this news since we can’t keep up with the demand for chicken eggs!