Happy goats!

We have some very happy goats right now thanks to my dad and brother!!

We originally had this for them to play on

but this happened

and then this

But now they have an awesome new toy and everyone is happy!

Almost everyone!

Buttermilk be nice to Trouble!!!

Ready for summer?

Mango is now!

Doesn’t she look so cute?
It’s funny how a hair cut can totally change the dynamics of the corral. Mango used to be the leader of pack. She would push Buttermilk the Pygmy/La Mancha goat around and protect her little friend Trouble the black Pygmy goat.

Well things are a little different now. Trouble wants to step up and take the lead. For the first couple of days she would not leave Mango alone. She kept following her and head butting her. And Mango was too insecure in her new skin to fight back. I think she’s starting to get more comfortable and Trouble is settling down and leaving her alone. It’s funny what a haircut can do.




A Beautiful Life FARM?

My friend asked for a farm tour this week after she bought a dozen eggs from me. “It’s not really a farm” was my response. I just don’t want people to get their hopes up about this big fully functioning farm. It’s an acre and a third with some raised beds and some animals is how I see it. Sure small farms can produce A LOT of food on an acre and a third. Some small farms can feed whole communities on an acre and a third. We don’t do that. We play with our goats. We grow some food. We sell some of it but we feed most of it to the goats. They really are happy goats 🙂

Well this weekend really helped us start to feel a little bit more like a farm. We were able to finish some of the projects we’ve been working on for quite awhile. Like the corral :

See that bottom rung that Buttermilk is leaning against? We finally finished that after a year!!! Took us 10 minutes lol!
We also added sod to the bunny barn.

And we finished the yoga circle!

Doesn’t it look amazing?

We took a couple of new soap bars to the KMK Organic Farm Store. It was so exciting to see that we were almost sold out of the Plain Jane Oats And Honey. As soon as we thought we were caught up we’re going to need to start making more back stock! We also dropped off a couple dozen duck and quail eggs to start selling there. During this drop off I also slipped in a couple bouquets of flowers to see if they sold.

The next day the store manager text me saying they sold out of our flowers in two hours and asking for more of them. What a great feeling it is to watch people really enjoying the things we’ve made.

This morning we all had a great laugh at one of our ducks that decided to perch in our olive tree.

All of the other ducks were really mad they couldn’t figure out how to get up there with her.

And lastly the weekend flower arrangement. Since most of the flowers went to the farm store I went with a simple but elegant display of Icelandic poppies.


Our first real rain!

We are officially in the driest year of recorded history for our area. It’s the middle of November and we haven’t stopped wearing shorts out in the garden and sweating when we work outside on the weekends. So when the weather forecast calls for rain even if it’s just 30% it’s all anyone is going to talk about for that week. Well it sprinkled last night and we woke up with a wet driveway and clear blue sky’s. This is how our rain has been, small raindrops that sneak in at night and leave before we wake up. We were really hoping for some measurable rain this time.

Then this evening the sky opened up and the wind blew in and we have been having a very hard downpour for the last hour. The goats were not thrilled about this strange water falling from the sky but the ducks sure loved it! We haven’t finished roofing the rabbit barn so it’s not quite water tight but it’s fully covered and I think everyone will be fine in there.

One of our big accomplishments to cross off the to do list last weekend was building the actual quail tractor. We made it entirely out of scrap we had around the house. Thanks dad for all the random stuff you find us 🙂



We combined the quail from both rabbit cages into this portable tractor that we will move around to different parts of the field so they can graze on the grass and weeds. We also give them plenty of feed to avoid fights. There was a little bit of a pecking order establishing when we combined the two groups but everyone seems to have handled it pretty well. I’m sure the quail were pretty happy in their new home during this storm.

Time to Catch Up!

It’s been a busy couple of months! I’m excited to say that I have updated the About Us page to now say my HUSBAND Scott instead of my Fiance! Scott and I married May 18th out in our field.

And after a wonderful week in Kauai

We are happy to be home and be able to continue life as normal…..                                       well as normal as we can get….

Our second day back home we drove to the coast and bought a little lamb and 3000 bees. That was an interesting ride home. Thankfully Mango (the lamb) didn’t eat the grass that was plugging the hole to the bees entrance!

The Pygmy goat Trouble wasn’t very happy to have to share her pen with this big lamb. She spent most of the night trying to head butt her. This was pretty funny to watch considering Mango is twice as tall as Trouble so when she tried to headbutt her she usually ended up going right under her or lifting her up on her back. Mango didn’t even seem to be bothered by it. The La Mancha/Pygmy cross (She was supposed to be a Pygmy, the breeder freaked out when she came out with no ears! You have to watch those La Mancha bucks they are sneaky!) Buttermilk doesn’t care at all about Mango and is still happy as can be.

Trouble                                             Buttermilk

This is a fun weekend for reflection for us. A year ago we were in the process of buying this home that we are in now. Everyone was certain it was a done deal and we would close the Tuesday after Memorial Weekend. Well to celebrate and to not miss out on the beautiful 3 day weekend Scott and I planted our first garden in that field of weeds. He mowed an area about 10’X20′ and we planted about 50 transplants out of cans, buckets and small pots from my old house. Well if you know how the story goes everything fell through with the house and we were told it was over pull out. We saw our dreams and hopes smashed in front of us due to some clerical errors on the lenders part. We don’t usually take no as an answer and were able to make things work out and 6 stressful weeks later we were officially moving into our house with a fully producing garden. We’ve come a long way in the last year and are really proud of all of the things we have created and continue to create.