Well damnit!

There’s not much to say about this photo.

$300 worth of plastic that should have lasted four years didn’t even make it to two years. That’s the thing about living in the desert plastic doesn’t hold up quite the same.

The last couple of years have definitely been trial and error for what works and doesn’t for us. Since both Scott and I work full time jobs it’s not like we have a lot of extra time to devote to this experiment of ours. We do as much as we can with the time that we have. That’s why a lot of things have needed to be automated such as waters, misters and bulk feeders. We’ve spent the last two summers learning what things we can grow here with the time that we have. High maintenance plants that need significant attention just don’t work for us here.

Next year we are really excited to take the next step in our flower growing adventure! And the torn plastic will help support this. We had been talking about replacing it with shade cloth when it rips. Since we only have about 6 weeks of winter the plastic isn’t really necessary. The shade cloth will definitely support the growth of flowers. Several flowers even though they say full sun get totally baked in our summers. The shade cloth will work wonders for things like the dahlias.

We have added several new beds to bump up production. The extra beds give us an additional 880 square feet of growing space. Plus the space in the hoop-house.

Our focus next year will be on flower sales and floral arrangements. We will be setting up a booth at the Kingsburg farmers market on Thursdays. We will also be available for designs and arrangements for events, weddings and showers. So think local for your next event!

Finally Friday!!!!!

Each week seems longer and longer and each weekend that much shorter. Now it’s Friday and it’s almost time to start the weekend. Just have to get through one more day of work! Let’s start today with a dose of beauty and lots of cuties!

This is the flower arrangement I made for this weekend. It’s filled with sunflowers, cosmos, tobacco flowers, zinnias, sage, dahlias and decorative grass.

Now for the cuteness! Are you ready for it???

These beautiful babies joined us last week! 11 of them out of a nest of 13!!!



Aren’t they the cutest little things? They are so much fun running around the front yard.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!