Garden yoga and eggs!

What a great turn out for yoga! We had a full house ehhh garden for yoga last night. The wind was blowing and the birds were chirping. It was definitely something beautiful. There is yoga every Wednesday night at 630 please contact me for details!

Also after a long wait our spring chicks started laying their first eggs this week!

The larger egg is our older girls and the small ones are the spring chicks. They sure are cute little eggs. It takes them a couple weeks to get to their full size. I know the people that get eggs from us will be excited about this news since we can’t keep up with the demand for chicken eggs!

A dose of cuteness

Anyone ready for an awesome dose of cuteness?? Our place is overflowing with cuties right now!
Let’s start with the youngest babies.
Our quail all hatched Wednesday night! I was out of town for work and I asked Scott and Tanner to check on them. Scott called back and said the entire incubator was crawling with babies.


If you can’t really tell their size because they just look like a mass of brown and yellow here’s an up close picture of a cutie pie.

This hatch was so much more successful than our last one I attribute it to the freshness of the eggs and how well the parents were fed. I’m not sure how many eggs hatched but so far we’ve only lost 1 quail!

Our 4 baby ducks and 2 geese have outgrown their inside brooder so we moved them outside today. We put the 4 ducks into the duck pen in the corral.


The older ducks were not very happy to have visitors in their pen they stared at them and squawked loudly. Everyone else just surrounded them and stared at them. We’ll put the older ducks in with them later tonight and keep an eye on them. We’re also going to put a heat lamp in with them just to make sure they are ok through the night.

The 2 geese, which we think are male and female because one is about twice as big as the other. We put them in the front yard with the Muscovy ducks.



The geese were not very happy about the move and the separation from the ducks. They haven’t stopped screaming since we put them outside. They got the Muscovy all worked up and even sent our mama duck into a tree to check things out in a safe place.
The last couple of days mama has been locked down on her eggs but this got her off of them to check things out.

We’ll see if they actually hatch. She’s been sitting on them for quite awhile now so we aren’t really sure what’s going to happen with them.

Our 4 baby chicks have been holding their own with all the animals in the corral. They are 2 and a half months now and the big chickens pick at them a lot but the babies are way faster than anyone else in there.


Happy Earth Day!

Ok I hate to sound totally cliche but everyday is Earth day with us. We try to recycle, reuse and reduce as much as we can. Every day we try to do our part to do what we can. Yes most of the time it feels so insignificant, I mean we are just one small family, but if everyone did just a little maybe it would make a big change.

It’s been a pretty chaotic week and I’ve been holding out on some really cute pics!



These adorable little girls are the newest edition to our home. 2 African geese 2 black Swedish ducks and 2 Cayuga ducks.

Our baby chicks finally are ready to go outside.

Unfortunately some sort of bug or something passed through them and we lost three in the past 4 days. I’m very hopeful that they are stable now they all look pretty good and seem healthy and eating well.


Right now they are in the chicken run separated from everyone else. We want the other chickens to get used to the babies before we put them all together. Right now none of the animals seem to mind them so hopefully when they are let loose with the rest of them the older hens will teach them the ropes without too much bullying.

The front yard ducks, the Muscovy ducks, are doing great! I feel like I’m on an Easter egg hunt every day because they keep trying to hide their nests. I noticed one duck wasn’t getting up much and when she finally moved she was sitting on 9 eggs!! The one duck that I am letting hatch a clutch this year is doing a great job keeping her eggs warm she only gets up a few times during the day when it’s warm to eat and drink.



She has 25 eggs under her! In a week or two they should be hatching!

I also set 120 quail eggs into the incubator yesterday! We are going to have babies everywhere!!!

Our littlest daredevils!

Scott and Tanner stayed home sick today so when I got home and checked on everyone…. By everyone I mean EVERYONE. Ducks, chickens, quail, rabbits, goats, other ducks baby chicks tanner and Scott. Not necessarily in that order! Well once I get to the baby chicks I noticed there was some poop around the brooder box that the 2 week chicks are in. I asked Scott if anyone got out today and how the poop got out. We look at the Cornish Cross chickens. Those things aren’t going anywhere!! They can barely stand up for too long they definitely aren’t flying over the baby gate we have them contained in. So we look at the babies. And almost at that moment one of the Rhode Island Red hens is sitting on top of the waterer. We had noticed her there this weekend too. Well sure enough she started looking at the edge of the box. Before we knew it we were getting quite the show.



She did a great tight rope along the edge of the box.

Then her sister got jealous!


All the other chicks just looked up at them wondering how they did it. Our impressive little girls!

Weekend flower arrangement

This weekend we got quite a few things taken care of. I planted a couple of our new flower beds with some of the seeds I got. I ordered 55 dahlia bulbs and just couldn’t wait any longer for them to get here that I bought 6 bulbs from Home Depot. They just looked so pretty!

We were able to give away four of our newly adopted chicks to some friends. We decided to keep 2 of the Rhode Island Red chickens and 1 speckled Sussex chicken. We introduced these 3 to our 6 Plymouth barred rock chickens. They did pretty well. There was a bit of a pecking order to be established but now they are all cuddling together. The other 6 Cornish cross chickens are almost about ready to be moved outside. It amazes me how quickly these chickens grow.

I’ve added a new page to the website for our handcrafted soaps. Soon it will be complete with photos and an Etsy shop where you can purchase soap. In the meantime please feel free to email us and we will be happy to sell you some of our wonderful soap!

I’m very excited to have the comments feature back on the website!! I really couldn’t figure out why it had worked but then stopped. But oh well it’s fixed now so please feel free to comment on anything you might be thinking or wondering about us!

Chicks chicks and more chicks!

Well our chicken numbers just tripled over night. We started Tuesday with 6 baby chicks and ended it with 19! After a very sad series of events we took home 13 baby chicks.


7 of them are part of the original birds I received last week so they are all the same age as our original six. I also am sure that they are hens. No roosters thank goodness!

The other 6 are a little older and they are the meat industries freakish creations. They have been bred to devour food and put on meat as quickly as possible so they can become dinner on our tables quickly! It’s all about speed in the meat industry quick cheap food. Quality and taste no longer matter. Neither do animal rights or concerns and really neither do our health or well being but that’s a whole different post so I’ll get off my little soap box. Happy eating! 🙂


So on Monday these precious babies showed up in the mail!!!

There’s nothing cuter than the peeps of baby chicks!

They aren’t all ours. We ordered 28 birds 6 for us and the rest for 3 of our friends. Scott wasn’t sure if it would be that easy to be able to tell the difference between the chicks. I kept assuring him it would be so easy we would just categorize them by numbers. We had 11 Plymoth barred rocks which 6 are our babies. 5 black austrolorps 6 Rhode Island reds and 6 different types 1 of our friends ordered 7 different types of chicks! He’s got quite the menagerie of poultry lol. Well it turned out to be simple to separate all of them except the Plymoth barred rocks and the black austrolorps! I mean come on can you see a difference between these girls?


We put the 16 of them together and just stared at them. Finally we noticed that some had a bit of yellow on their head and some didn’t so we separated out the ones that didn’t have any yellow. There were 5 that had all black heads and 11 with yellow spots! The numbers add up! It’s not an exact science and who knows we might all end up with a couple different kinds of chickens but oh well we’ll love them still the same 🙂