Honey bees

So our honey bees swarmed on Thursday.

We went and bought a new hive box for them in hopes of catching them on Friday. After it was all put together I went outside and they were gone from the tree. Just like that our bees were gone. Our sweet honey bees gone ๐Ÿ™
On Sunday morning, while we are out Tanner calls and tells us he found the bees! They were on a grape vine! How exciting we can still get our bees back!

But a few hours later he tells us that they took off towards the beehive in a massive black cloud and then disappeared. Apparently they sounded like a lawnmower. Once again our bees were gone ๐Ÿ™

When we get back home I am planing to walk through the acres of blueberries behind us looking for our bees. As I go by the hive I realize that there is a whole lot of activity. We actually think that our swarm decided to go back home. After a quick internet search I’ve read that this does happen occasionally but it is rare and we should probably make some room for them before they swarm for real.

We suited up and lit the smoker and opened the hive. The frames were all pretty full so we pulled three of them and added a honey super on the top go give them even more room. The honey super has a queen extruder so only the worker bees can get into it and make honey but the queen can’t get in there so it’s pure honey no eggs. We scraped one of the frames into some jars and are letting the wax and honey separate.



Not that I’m biased or anything but this is the best honey I’ve ever had!!!

Baby ducklings are on the way!!

I’m so proud of my mama duck! She finally decided to sit on her nest. It only took 25 eggs to get her to stay. If you remember they will usually sit when they have between 12-18 eggs but it took her a little longer to commit to it.

Now she stays on that nest all day and all night rain or shine. She comes off of it shortly for food and water and then runs right back to the nest. It takes 35 days for the Muscovy ducks to hatch. I’m thinking it will be the beginning of May!

While she’s been on this nest the other ducks have been trying to start their own clutch. But I keep collecting their eggs because we can’t handle that many ducklings. Well last week they quit laying their eggs and I figured it was just because I kept picking them up. I’ve read that if they aren’t able to have a clutch of eggs they will stop laying so I figured that’s what happened. Until we noticed a dozen eggs hidden behind a tree earlier this week! Those girls are so smart hiding eggs from me I’ll have to be careful and keep an eye on them!


I took a delivery of 4 dozen quail eggs to the farm store today because the Vintage Press Restaurant requested them for this weekend. If you are not familiar with them it is one of the fancier restaurants in the area. We are very excited about being able to provide them eggs. So if you’re in the area check them out and get the quail eggs ๐Ÿ™‚

When we got home we noticed a swarm of bees in our tree!


We think they are our bees and they split the hive or they left their hive. Hopefully they split it since we were planning to get another one this year anyway. Just have to figure out how to get them out of the tree and into the box. YouTube my friend I hear you can teach me anything ๐Ÿ™‚