Baby birds!

Yesterday we had our first clutch of 50 quail eggs hatch at our friends house. There were actually 60 eggs to start with because they packed extra. 11 of the eggs hatched and they aren’t in the best of shape. A couple of the babies have splayed legs and more than likely won’t make it. There are 3 that look pretty bad but the other 9 look like they’ll be ok. When they hatch like this it’s usually because their parents were malnourished. That can probably account for the low hatch rate as well.


Starting around 7pm last night our clutch of 104 began hatching. We just took them out after letting them dry in the incubator and counted 26 with 1 doing very poorly. We put that one down so it wouldn’t continue to suffer. So now we have 36 baby quail out of 164 eggs. Not the greatest hatch rate but a very manageable number! I left the unhatched eggs in the incubator and will give them another day or two to see if any more hatch.

Aren’t they so cute!!!

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