And then there was soap!

It has been a dream of mine to make soap. I bought a book probably 10 years ago about it and was too intimidated by the lye and all of the abstract ingredients like jojoba oil and kukui nut oil that I couldn’t find at Michaels and Hobby Lobby. A couple years ago when Scott and I combined our libraries we both had books on soap making. He had never made soap either but had always wanted to. After some studying and now with the easy access to these ingredients online we finally decided to make soap! Supplies were ordered last weekend and came quick enough to be able to make soap this weekend.
We started by combing the water and lye and then letting it sit until it cooled to the proper temperature. Then we combined the oils and added the lye mixture to the oil mixture. We finished by adding some ground oatmeal and local honey. We both really enjoyed doing it and are excited to play around with different combinations and add things from our garden like flower petals, flower seeds, aloe gel, different herbs, our honey and eventually our goats milk!
The bars have to cure for 6 weeks before they are ready to use and we didn’t take any pics during the process but we will next time 🙂

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