Ready for summer?

Mango is now!

Doesn’t she look so cute?
It’s funny how a hair cut can totally change the dynamics of the corral. Mango used to be the leader of pack. She would push Buttermilk the Pygmy/La Mancha goat around and protect her little friend Trouble the black Pygmy goat.

Well things are a little different now. Trouble wants to step up and take the lead. For the first couple of days she would not leave Mango alone. She kept following her and head butting her. And Mango was too insecure in her new skin to fight back. I think she’s starting to get more comfortable and Trouble is settling down and leaving her alone. It’s funny what a haircut can do.




A dose of cuteness

Anyone ready for an awesome dose of cuteness?? Our place is overflowing with cuties right now!
Let’s start with the youngest babies.
Our quail all hatched Wednesday night! I was out of town for work and I asked Scott and Tanner to check on them. Scott called back and said the entire incubator was crawling with babies.


If you can’t really tell their size because they just look like a mass of brown and yellow here’s an up close picture of a cutie pie.

This hatch was so much more successful than our last one I attribute it to the freshness of the eggs and how well the parents were fed. I’m not sure how many eggs hatched but so far we’ve only lost 1 quail!

Our 4 baby ducks and 2 geese have outgrown their inside brooder so we moved them outside today. We put the 4 ducks into the duck pen in the corral.


The older ducks were not very happy to have visitors in their pen they stared at them and squawked loudly. Everyone else just surrounded them and stared at them. We’ll put the older ducks in with them later tonight and keep an eye on them. We’re also going to put a heat lamp in with them just to make sure they are ok through the night.

The 2 geese, which we think are male and female because one is about twice as big as the other. We put them in the front yard with the Muscovy ducks.



The geese were not very happy about the move and the separation from the ducks. They haven’t stopped screaming since we put them outside. They got the Muscovy all worked up and even sent our mama duck into a tree to check things out in a safe place.
The last couple of days mama has been locked down on her eggs but this got her off of them to check things out.

We’ll see if they actually hatch. She’s been sitting on them for quite awhile now so we aren’t really sure what’s going to happen with them.

Our 4 baby chicks have been holding their own with all the animals in the corral. They are 2 and a half months now and the big chickens pick at them a lot but the babies are way faster than anyone else in there.