All dressed up…..


Our soap is all dressed up and ready for the market! It is officially being sold at KMK Farms market stand at the corner of Mendocino and Mountain View in Kingsburg. Thanks Molly for your support! Our soap is all natural and vegetarian friendly.

Upgrades to our soap making supplies!

The most tedious part of soap making is cutting the bars. My husband is a bit of a perfectionist so he would spend an hour or so hovered over a slab of soap cutting it. I splurged and bought this beautiful box that came with dividers!


This is really going to help make this easier and it will ensure a consistent bar. I must note that the box is nowhere near as beautiful as the box Scott made me for our first batches! Everything’s more beautiful when it’s made by the person you love 🙂

We also bought a stick blender after spending two hours stirring a batch of soap that never seemed to set! The friction of the blender will help speed up the process.
I think these two new enhancements will really make the tedious parts of soap making easier on us so we can have more fun with the creating and designing part of it!

Look at these beauties!!


Root crops are difficult. They are such a fun surprise but you never really know what’s under there. Last night I was hoping we had some good carrots but I always worry when I pull them that they aren’t quite ready. But these were ready and aren’t they so beautiful?? They were very tasty too I think the couple of freezes we had really helped with the flavor.

Avocado oil soap

We just tried a new soap recipe using avocado oil as the main oil. It’s supposed to be good for sensitive skin.

It has a very pretty color.

I really love our soap. I have been using it in place of shaving cream. My legs used to get really itchy and dry even with sensitive skin shaving cream. I’ve used our soap in place of it a couple times and they don’t get itchy anymore.

We will officially be selling our soap next weekend at the KMK farm store in Kingsburg! We are so excited about this!