It is HOT!

Today the weather app on my phone says it will be 108. Right now it says it is 106. It also says it is 106 in Badwater Death Valley! The thermometer in the hoop house says it is 130, the one in the shade outside of the hoop house says it is 114. My internal thermometer says it’s REALLY hot! All the animals are panting…. well except the goats they are doing pretty good. I just hosed down the ducks. The nozzle on the hose was scalding to use until the cold water finally started flowing. The chickens are hanging out with the ducks because their home is cooler and Mango looks really unhappy. My biggest concerns are the rabbits. They are French Angoras and really don’t like to be over 80 degrees. They have done really well so far this year but today is really pushing it. Their frozen water bottles melted hours ago and I keep hosing down the area around them to hopefully cool it off. They just have to make it a couple more hours and hopefully it will actually cool down tonight! My phone says it should only be 99 degrees tomorrow. That number has never looked so good!