Time to Catch Up!

It’s been a busy couple of months! I’m excited to say that I have updated the About Us page to now say my HUSBAND Scott instead of my Fiance! Scott and I married May 18th out in our field.

And after a wonderful week in Kauai

We are happy to be home and be able to continue life as normal…..                                       well as normal as we can get….

Our second day back home we drove to the coast and bought a little lamb and 3000 bees. That was an interesting ride home. Thankfully Mango (the lamb) didn’t eat the grass that was plugging the hole to the bees entrance!

The Pygmy goat Trouble wasn’t very happy to have to share her pen with this big lamb. She spent most of the night trying to head butt her. This was pretty funny to watch considering Mango is twice as tall as Trouble so when she tried to headbutt her she usually ended up going right under her or lifting her up on her back. Mango didn’t even seem to be bothered by it. The La Mancha/Pygmy cross (She was supposed to be a Pygmy, the breeder freaked out when she came out with no ears! You have to watch those La Mancha bucks they are sneaky!) Buttermilk doesn’t care at all about Mango and is still happy as can be.

Trouble                                             Buttermilk

This is a fun weekend for reflection for us. A year ago we were in the process of buying this home that we are in now. Everyone was certain it was a done deal and we would close the Tuesday after Memorial Weekend. Well to celebrate and to not miss out on the beautiful 3 day weekend Scott and I planted our first garden in that field of weeds. He mowed an area about 10’X20′ and we planted about 50 transplants out of cans, buckets and small pots from my old house. Well if you know how the story goes everything fell through with the house and we were told it was over pull out. We saw our dreams and hopes smashed in front of us due to some clerical errors on the lenders part. We don’t usually take no as an answer and were able to make things work out and 6 stressful weeks later we were officially moving into our house with a fully producing garden. We’ve come a long way in the last year and are really proud of all of the things we have created and continue to create.