Spring is here!

With the arrival of Spring on Wednesday we also received 8 precious baby bunnies!     Thank you Mrs. E for these little bundles of joy! 😀

One or two of our ducks started laying eggs a couple of weeks ago and we have finally collected our first dozen (it was difficult to reach because we kept eating them!) We’re back down to six after this mornings breakfast heheheh

A couple weeks ago we began the trenching in the field and now we finally have irrigation!  It’s so nice to be able to turn on a hose and be able to reach every flower bed instead of lugging pails of water across the field! Thanks dad for all of your help!!!

Scott filled in all of those trenches and you would hardly even know they were there.         (Even though he was home sick and should have been resting in bed!)

  We also got some great new additions to the farm!

Thanks Christina for the rabbit hutch and the wagon top!

The flowers are growing strong and beautiful!