Hoop House!

When we first moved into this house 5 months ago we created a very large to do list.

  • Rent out our other two homes
  • Paint every single wall and the outside
  • Remove all safety bars throughout the house (This used to be an assisted living home, there were some very unique features)
  • Build a chicken coop (Get chickens)
  • Build a duck enclosure (Get ducks)
  • Build an animal corral (Get animals)
  • Plant a garden (We crossed this one off 6 weeks before we officially received keys to the house)
  • Create 27 raised flower beds
  • Create a gorgeous vegetable garden
  • Build a garage
  • Build a hoop house

Some of these things have been crossed off and some of them are half way crossed off. Many of them are just ideas in our head to one day be created.

It was a huge moment for us this weekend, similar to that of a barn raising, when we pulled the plastic over the hoop house!

I am proud to say we now have a hoop house!



Happy Thanksgiving!

How do you know when your baby ducklings are ready to move outside? Well earlier this week when we were cleaning their bedding and giving them a bath we noticed that one of them had stuck her butt over and outside of the baby pool they were living in to poop on the floor! That was when I said enough; these ducks need to be outside. Today is the big day, our outside duck pin is ready for them to live in and we are home all day to watch how they do. We decide to take them outside one by one. Tanner and I take the first two and when we go back inside they sound much louder we walk into the most hilarious scene of four ducks running through our hallway! They had escaped from their baby pool and were running wild in the house. This is a sure sign that these ducks need to be moved outside permanently!

Welcome to A Beautiful Life Farm!

Hi Everyone! Thank you for visiting our site. Thanksgiving break starts tomorrow for us and we have a lot of plans to keep us busy for the next couple of days. Besides the obvious of cooking a ridiculously large meal for three people we plan to finish the chicken coop and the hoop house. I plan to brush out our newest angora rabbit Coal’s coat because he is shedding his baby coat. I also plan to finish up the website. If time allows it would be nice to put some paint on the chicken and duck homes so they look a little prettier. I always make my to do list way longer than what is actually possible but we’ll see what can happen.