July yoga challenge!

My yoga challenge might be over but it doesn’t mean we need to stop!

Obviously Riley isn’t ready for it to end!

After a month of yoga with only one day missed due to illness I am feeling stronger and more motivated in my practice. When I make time to be a student it makes me a better instructor.

It was perfect timing, since the heat and smoke in the air has shut down most of our garden yoga classes this month, which has allowed me to focus on my practice.

I plan to keep it up, remembering to make time and space for my own yoga practice.

Hope everybody had an awesome July and can’t wait to hear what you have planned for August!

Yoga challenge

Today is the fifteenth day of July and I have done yoga every day of the month except for one (I haven’t done it yet today either but I still have some hours left). I missed Friday because I was too sick to even get myself out of bed. So I’m not being too hard on myself about that day. I still think thirteen days in a row of Yoga is pretty dang good! And now I have the rest of the month to keep going!

How’s your challenge going?

Don’t just stop with one little set back keep moving forward!

Yoga challenge

Some of you already know that I practice yoga. I’ve practiced for twenty years and have taught for fourteen of them. Some of those years have had more hours practiced than others. Some of those years I was teaching ten classes a week, six days a week. Now I’ve scaled back to teaching only one or two days a week of outside, donation based yoga in our outside “studio.” Studio is being used VERY loosely here. Well after three and a half years of working a desk job my body is screaming for me to do more yoga. This July I am challenging myself to do yoga every day. I’m on day five because I just couldn’t wait to get started! My body has been feeling it and poses that used to be easy for me are definitely much more challenging. Everything feels heavier and I feel much weaker. But I’m hoping at the end of July this is something I can continue doing regularly.

I would love it if you joined me! Even if it’s not every day. Maybe it’s just a week. Or maybe it’s five minutes of meditation a day.

Today my yoga partner was pretty lazy!

He just laid in Savasana the whole time! Didn’t even do a single downward facing dog. Oh well I guess he was listening to his body!

Too many bottles?

Are you tired of all the plastic bottles in your shower? Or maybe you’re tired of plastic in general? It’s everywhere and it’s filling our oceans, along with the stomach’s of the fish and the sea birds. Recycling helps but reducing the amount of plastic we use is even better! We can help!

Maybe you’ve already switched over to bar soap which will get rid of a giant plastic bottle of body wash. Have you also switched to a wash cloth instead of a plastic puff?

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What are you reading now?

This is definitely my favorite question to ask or to be asked!

These are a few of the books I read in January. The picture only shows the physical books but since I got an iPad for Christmas (thanks honey!) I put quite a dent in my iBooks (even though I bought more as quickly as I read them!)

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas – I can’t even say enough about this book! Everyone should read it and then they should make everyone the know read it again. And now they are making a movie! The tears started in the first chapter and continued throughout the book.

History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera – Another book that brought the tears in the first chapter and kept them coming until the last page. The story fluctuates between the present and the past to unravel an extremely messy and complicated love story. It is achingly beautiful story and I recommend it to anyone, but don’t go into it without the extra large box of tissues.

Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli – I’m not sure I should mention this one because it’s my third time reading it. Okay 3.5 times (I went back and reread all the letters dispersed throughout the text). This book is so cute and adorable I just want to curl up and be its BFF. There’s also a movie coming out of it! Do I need to mention how excited I am about this! I might have to read it a 4.5 time before this comes out!

And for a random bit of trivia all three of these authors are represented by the same agent, Brooks Sherman. Talk about a rockstar of a client list.

So what are you reading now?

Happy goats!

We have some very happy goats right now thanks to my dad and brother!!

We originally had this for them to play on

but this happened

and then this

But now they have an awesome new toy and everyone is happy!

Almost everyone!

Buttermilk be nice to Trouble!!!